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    We help you find your ideal property, consult on the respective use and development and, upon request, we find the right tenants or suitable licensees – depending on the nature of your project.

    Real Estate Consulting

    Our experts help you plan your project. From structural engineers to HVAC experts, you will find everything under one roof.


    As main contractor, we realize your project from body shell to finished building, ready for occupancy.

    Turnkey Projects


    Inclusion of any kind is fundamental for a functioning society. Following this motto, the Wackerbau management took part in a conference of the Lebenshilfe Offenburg-Oberkirch about „Education for all – Work for everyone, a chance for employees with special needs…

    CEO Nico Wacker is almost there: „Developing apartments as the most beautiful way to grow old.“. The roofing ceremony in the residence’s courtyard was well-attended. Future tenants and some curious neighbours gathered together for the ceremony.