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  • 9 reasons for Wacker Objekt


    Know-how meets tradition

    Wacker Group currently consists of two separate entities and one special branch: Wackerbau GmbH & Co. KG and the recently established Wacker Objekt GmbH & Co. KG as well as Wacker Projekt; Wackerbau GmbH & Co KG is a manager-owned 144 years old company which provides extensive expertise on all things constructional. Being the sister company Wacker Objekt has unrestricted access to its resources. Consequently, we can provide you with the service and enthusiasm of  a start-up company but don‘t lack the experience, tradition consciousness and experience a normal start-up would.

    Quality in every detail

    We not only put great emphasis on a great longstanding relationship with our client, we also consider our business partner as clients. We only work with highly qualified individuals who have proven in many previous projects that they are more than capable. This is the only way to ensure a smooth and seamless   project execution and make sure that we get the same quality standard every time.



    Transparent communication

    It is important to us to keep you well-informed. Before we start building your project, you will have the opportunity to meet all your consultants in person. During this meeting you get to know the people who actually plan your building and ask questions which are important to you. To keep you well-informed thoughout the whole process, we will continue those kinds of meetings until your project is finished.

    Always good advice

    Should you have further questions, which came to you outside of those meetings – no problem. We all work closely with each other so ideally all of our employees are „in the know“ of your project and you can give us a call or come by the office. In a rare case of somebody not being able to help you right away, this person will make sure that we find someone for you who can. Like that we prevent multiple phone calls for the same issue or you having to swing by again.



    Always available

    All our project managers have a mobile phone. So even if they are not in the office, do not hesitate to call. Short of dead spots or them being on vacation, they are here to answer your questions.

    Planning reasonably

    Delays during the building phase are vexing but cannot always be prevented. However, we made it our business to create realistic time schedules to avoid such delays as often as possible.



    Trusting network

    Trades we cannot provide will be rendered by local companies which build according to our required quality standards.

    Source of inspiration

    At any time, you will have the opportunity to visit buildings, facilities or estates we have built to get a feel for our standard, get some ideas or maybe think of some changes you would like to make executing your project.



    Prepared for changes

    For any changes concerning the interior of your project or if you are in need of some ideas or even a solution, we have our own special request team.