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  • Experienced in industrial construction

    Continuous success since 1874

    • 1874

      Wackerbau was established by Karl Wacker.
      Their first construction job was the church in Weingarten. Construction work in the industrial and commercial sector followed soon also including housing projects and private properties. Apart from „normal“ construction work, there were also a few special projects.

    • In the 30s

      Wackerbau was the first company to have a tower crane in Offenburg.

    • In the 40s

      During the post-war period, the company invented the Wacker installation ceilings.

    • In the 50s

      They built the purification plant „Im Seewinkel“.
      Later in the 1950s they build their first houses for a fixed price of  14.650,- DM for GeMiBau in Albersboesch.

    • In the 70s

      Buildings for clients operating in the welfare and public health service, one of them being today‘s Paul-Gerhard-Werk with more than 50 appartement units and 48.000m3 undeveloped space.

      Also established during this time was the business relationship with the Fachhochschule in Offenburg which is still valid.

    • In the 80s

      The company received the request to rebuild the Ritterhause as the city museum and completely refurbish it.

    • In the 90s

      After building real estate all over town for others, in the 1990s we finally built our own headquarters in Offenburg.

      At the same time we built the 2000st appartment for GeMiBau Offenburg

    • Since 2000

      At the turn of the century the building projects started to get more complex which challenged us to go beyond what we were used to. Some examples are:

      • the new building for Lambda Electronic in Achern, where we were able to place 2.000 sqm Variax-hollow block ceilings within 1.5 days
      • the complete refurbishment of the German art monument „Salmen“ in Offenburg
    • 2017

      To complete our portfolio and to access the turnkey project market – we established Wackerbau‘s „little sister“: the Wacker Objekt GmbH & Co. KG. Both siblings found a common home under the roof of the newly formed Wacker-Gruppe.