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    The Offenburg Health Center from the outside - As a general contractor, we took care of everything from advice and planning to the turnkey construction of the building
    Exterior of the residential complex Residenz am Tannweg - Wackerbau has planned the solid construction and handed over turnkey
    A shop in the Offenburg health center - Wacker Objekt was the construction company responsible for the turnkey implementation of the commercial building

    Make a statement…

    Every property is an investment into the future – either the future of a company, a facility or into your own. People who choose to go on this journey with us have vision, ambition and dedication. Your company, facility or your own estate are supposed to be more than just a space to live and work in. It should show your individuality and at the same time accommodate your needs. But most of all, it is supposed to be special.

    The challenge in almost all of these ambitious projects is the complexity of the process and sometimes the building itself. To be successful in this endavour, it requires a ridiculous amount of coordination concerning different builders, clairvoyant abilities when it comes to the quality of services to be rendered and nerves of steel. But it does not have to be like this.

    The entire Wacker Group can fall back on 144 years of building experience and we put it all at your disposal: all our business relationships with consultants, other builders and contractors and of course our own people, all 91 of them.

    Our secret of success and what distinguishes us from other companies is consistency, communication and fair play. We are proud to have longstanding relationships with our business partners. All of the individuals, who work with and for us have proven in many previous projects that they are more than capable.  But they are not the only ones, we have longstanding relationships with. The relationships with our clients extend far beyond the project period. You don‘t believe us? Read here, what our clients have to say about us.