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  • Haus Taubergießen, Kappel-Grafenhausen

    On this beautiful property the projekt-invest GmbH has commissioned a full in-patient healthcare facility which is supposed to be fully operable at the beginning of 2021. This building will be inhabited by 45 people spread throughout three residential units. Furthermore, there will be 18 barrier-free apartments on the second floor. During the ground-breaking ceremony in May 2019 Mr. Jochen Paleit, mayor of Kappel-Grafenhausen, said: „We are happy to focus on elderly people, a generation which rebuilt Germany after World War II and a generation from which’s hard work we still benefit today ». We agree with Mr. Paleit. It is a great pleasure and an honour to be part of building a nice home for a generation we owe so much to. The creation of this retirement home is a challenge we are all excited about.

    Fun fact: Haus Taubergießen is one of the first projects we filmed by means of a drone. You can watch the video on our social media accounts Facebook and Instagram.

    Copyright: Wacker Objekt GmbH & Co. KG


    Start of Construction: February 2020

    Construction Period: 15 months

    Floor Space: ca. 4.607 m²