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  • Neubau Kronenquartier, Offenburg

    Kronenquartier in Offenburg is one of those “big fish” everybody wants and we were very lucky and happy to catch. Based on its sheer size and number of apartments this construction project is one of our biggest. We are pleased to prove our ability within such dimensions every single day. Wüstenrot put their trust in us and we are proud we haven’t disappointed so far.

    Furthermore, the Kronenquartier is the second construction site where our client has the opportunity to be on site without actually being on site by giving remote access via webcam. This service is attracting more and more attention and curiosity, especially with other clients. So the initial gimmick is becoming an essential part of other sites as well. Another fact, we are very proud of, concerns the project management team which consist of a very capable man and most noteworthy – since those are, even in an age of gender equality, hard to come by – a very capable woman.

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    Start of Construction: September 2019

    Construction Period: 23 months

    Gross Floor Area: 8.421 m²