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  • Renner Vineyard Offenburg

    In 2014, we built a production facilty with built-in showroom and tasting room for the winery Renner in Fessenbach.

    This new construction was an extraordinarily exciting project since it turned out to be very challenging.

    Not only did we have to build it into the side of a hill; it was also situated in a landscape protection area and therefore could only be built while observing the utmost protection for the outdoor area. So, while building the project in question, it was required to minimize the intrusion into the natural landscape by measures of conservation such as planting new trees, bushes, etc. We met this requirement by roof greening as well as planting native trees on the premises.

    To fit a builiding seamlessly into a certain landscape is a challenge…even more so, if it is supposed to be modern and functional. However, in this case the building’s architecture with its simple and yet elegant lines, big windows and warm colours accomplished to fit just fine. All these elements combined render a certain airiness which leaves nature unaffected.

    Despite all the challenges, the building period did „only“ take 8 months.


    Start of Construction: August 2014

    Construction Period: 8 months

    Floor Space: ca. 912 m2

    Building volume: 5.188 m3