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  • Residence „Am Tannweg“ (SGW)

    The residence „Am Tannweg“ is an exceptional project realised by our own company.

    This project’s objective was to create a condominium complex in Offenburg for joint and barrier-free living. But not only the project itself was close to our hearts, also the location for this undertaking was important. We wanted to offer an infrastructure which enables residents to go about their daily lives without any difficulties. A medical centre, a drug store and a convenience store are all in walking distance.

    The condo is a massive construction built according to EnEV 2009. The construction period extended well beyond 4 years, including the planning phase.

    The result is a beautiful housing project with 40 apartments, ranging between 62 and 160 m2 – including one penthouse – 29 underground parking spaces and 11 parking spaces above ground. On the premises are a fountain, a bocce court, a herb garden and a very elegant rose pavilion.

    The interior consists of high quality sanitary accessories with walk-in shower, heatable towel rails, classy design floors, floor heating, electrical shutters, etc.

    Each condo has its own terrace or balcony.

    Copytigh: Katja Scholz


    Start of Construction: August 2014

    Construction Period: 23 months

    Overall costs: approx. 11 mio. €

    Ground area: approx. 1.044 m2

    Floor Space: 5.106 m2

    Overall living space: 3.450 m2

    Energy supply: cogeneration power station

    The residence „Am Tannweg“ serves as reference object for the standard quality and equipment provided by Wacker Objekt for turnkey projects.