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  • Residence Annaberg in Baden-Baden

    This project is another one of our exceptional but very welcome challenges.

    On a 10.852,9 m2 property we are currently building six city mansions for one of our clients.

    Each building was individually designed by architects from Tchoban Voss (chief architects), Ortner & Ortner, Nalbach + Nalbach and Langhof, Hilmer & Sattler. The execution planning of four of the city mansions and the underground parking was supervised by TREILING architects.

    This project is special due to the elegant and sophisticated architectural structure of each building. The buildings fit seamlessly with the general Baden-Baden townscape.
    Each mansion is different and therefore faces its own challenges. What they all have in common are the purposely oversized windows and doors to provide future residents with an airy and light atmosphere.

    What is also striking is the hillside location which currently challenges our construction team with a very rocky underground, that requires both finesse and hard work.

    The six mansions contain 21 residences and provide 44 underground parking spaces.

    All interior fittings  show the same characteristic elegance and high end materials to meet the promise made and expectations raised by the splendid exterior of each house.

    For further information, please go to https://www.residenz-annaberg.de


    Copyright: all pictures were provided by Tchoban Voss


    Start of Construction: April 2018

    Construction Period: 27 months

    Ground area: 4.895,1 m2

    Floor area: 4.743,4 m2

    Living space: 4.012,4 m2

    Power supply: Co-generator