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  • Sutter Medizintechnik, Emmendingen

    The project Sutter Medizintechnik is our first turnkey industrial complex. The exciting part of this endeavour is, that the architect of this project planned with the ideas and the input of the employees who will be working in this building. By doing so, our client wanted to make sure that everybody feels comfortable in their new offices. And since we place great value in our employees and therefore we fully identify with the idea of a comfortable place to work, we are very happy that we were commissioned to build this one of a kind working space and factory.

    Also, it is not surprising, that the whole complex reflects all three pillars the company it is based upon. Besides the great importance of the employees, these are:

    Economy – making production processes even more efficient due to the available extra space.

    Ecology – due to its own solar electricity and implementation of KfW-55-standard, this building will be CO2-neutral…well almost.

    Copyright: atelier für architektur Räther & Höfflin


    Start of Construction: March 2020

    Construction Period : 25 months

    Floor Space: 9.221 m²