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    In the building area „Im Seidenfaden“, Wacker Objekt is currently building an apartment and office complex for an owner community. This project is very special to us, since it is part of the restructuring process which is supposed to give our city a new face. All the materials used during the construction process have to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    This building is built according to KfW standard 55. It is barrier-free and labelled as „special building“ (GK5) by the City since it contains 18 apartments on two, respectively three storeys as well as office space. It also has 30 underground parking spaces.
    This project was designed by the renowned architecture firm Müller & Huber and it is the first project being built according to our reference standard established in our own project “Am Tannweg”.
    Already during the the body shell construction this project was prepped with challenges such as angular ceilings in the area of the underground parking garage, oval walls, overhanging areas in the foyer, a non-polygonal entrance to the underground parking area and a very fast-paced construction schedule. The body shell took only eight months to build.

    One additional highlight is the 98,2 m2 wide roof terrace for the penthouse, made possible by the unique construction (3-storey vs. 2-storey).
    The outdoor area presents the future residents with a beautiful and very green exterior as well as a playground for children.

    Copyright: architectural firm Müller & Huber


    Start of Construction: August 2017

    Construction Period: 8 months

    Floor Space: approx.. 1.992,5 m2

    Building volume: 14.251 m3