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  • From consulting to turnkey

    A one-stop ser­vice…

    Comprehensive real estate consulting

    • You are looking for real estate – in particular land to realize your project on.
    • You basically want to invest but don‘t know yet what you could do with your potential property.

    We can help you with that!
    We assist you in finding the right property for you and consult you on the best use. We also help you to find the right tennants or, if your project is a business, a suitable licencee by using our vast contact pool. Our experience in this field includes commercial parking garages, residential care homes for the elderly, assisted living, exclusive real estate and much more. Challenge us and let us help you realize your project.


    • You already have a precise idea on what you want to build and what your budget is.
    • You want to move in rather sooner than later but you have no idea where to start.

    We can help you with that!
    We have been building property for 144 years and know our trade. Due to longstanding business relationships with consultants and them being accustomed to our processes, we can help you plan your home or business rather quickly and efficiently. We only work with highly qualified individuals who have proven in many previous projects that they are more than capable. Quality is important to us but we also understand the need for keeping to a budget.

    Building Turnkey Projects

    • You already have everything planned out.
    • You need someone to realise your brilliant but yet tricky vision from start to finish.

    We can help you with that!
    We are specialised in turnkey projects which go beyond the average size of a normal family home or small business. These projects usually insclude sophisticated architecture and require extensive skill when it comes to turning the consultant‘s results into a reality which has to withstand the test of time.  Building a turnkey project for us is a „family effort“. Our sister company Wackerbau is doing all the construction and as soon as the body shell stands, we take over. Your project manager then will coordinated the tasks at the construction site making sure there will be no unnecessary delays. After all, time is money. And since we build your vision for a fixed price and on a predetermined schedule, we don‘t want to leave any room for error.